Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) comprises standards, practices, methodologies and technologies that enable the enterprise to more effectively capture, store, manage, deliver and preserve unstructured content.  Every day, we are constantly generating, saving and editing hundreds of documents through routine operations.


JMT Technology Group is an industry-leading provider for EIM solutions for government agencies and authorities.  Our solutions help organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively.  Our certified staff help streamline business processes.

JMT Technology Group became an OnBase Certified Partner in 2009, allowing us to provide Hyland Software's OnBase Enterprise Information Platform to a wide-variety of clients. 

Departmental Solutions

Accounts Payable

Between copying, paper shuffling between departments for approvals, and low visibility into processes, it’s no wonder accounts payable (AP) processes are costly. Our solutions help AP departments transition toward electronic processes with document imaging and workflows.


Accounts Receivable

Finding and routing paper documents can take a lot of time. With OnBase, know exactly what’s coming in and going out in real-time, making cash flow management more exact – not best guesses based on historical data.


Human Resources

As your company’s largest asset, your workforce is the foundation of a productive and creative workplace. Finding and keeping the right employees is absolutely vital. By eliminating paper and manual processes in human resources with document management, you’ll be able to hire people faster, get new employees contributing more quickly and keep your current employees happier.


Policy & Procedure

There is more to policy and procedure management than just distributing and tracking them. Instead of sending out the policy and procedure documents manually and tracking who has signed off on them individually, you can take the paper out of the process with OnBase.



Nearly every kind of compliance has some time of documentation around it that must be recorded and retained. With OnBase, you can make your document-based processes and documentation retention more compliance-friendly, ease the burden on employees and help avoid the consequences of an audit gone bad.


Contract Management

Review. Negotiate. Sign. Repeat. It seems simple enough, but when each step in the contract management process is handled with paper, email and faxes, it becomes difficult to manage. By putting contracts in a manageable electronic format, all of your documents are stored in a single place. They don’t have to be copied and passed around, they won’t get misfiled or lost on someone’s desk, and everyone is sure to always see the most up-to-date version of the contract.


Case Management

Everyday your organization manages case-based processes surrounding your customers. While many cases start with a planned action and can be streamlined for efficiency, others are unpredictable and arise at random during the course of the customer life cycle. An OnBase solution can be rapidly deployed for any case-based process in a fraction of the time required for a costly, custom-coded solution.


Agenda Management

Whether a government agency or a private company, meeting agendas for boards and committees can take many hours to prepare and many hundreds of pages of paper to print. With OnBase, agenda management can reduce time, money, and effort. Agendas and meeting minutes can easily be created and distributed.

Sample Projects