Outdoor Licensing and Recreation Solutions

A Next Generation Outdoor Licensing and Recreation Solution

JMT Technology Group’s Outdoor Licensing and Recreation Solution is a flexible customer service and product delivery platform that is designed to accommodate your evolving business needs and capture high quality data that is critical for holistic resource management. With its intuitive and configurable design, our solution is easy to use for administrators and customers alike while still providing the rich functionality required to connect with customers and increase revenue.

Intuitive, Customer-Centric Permit Sales

JMT places significant emphasis on assuring an efficient, intuitive, and enjoyable user experience.

Connect with Customers

Our solution inherently develops a rich customer profiles that provide opportunities for personalization of services and recommendations that improve the customer experience.

Increase Revenue

JMT has implemented specific features designed to increase revenue including product discounts, suggested products, and packaged products.

Support for Mobile Devices

JMT implements a responsive design approach whereby the layout of the application’s screens changes dynamically, making it accessible and user-friendly on all mobile devices.

Support for Law Enforcement

Our solution supports the needs of law enforcement validating customer data in the field including quickly locating a customer in the system and accessing that customer’s profile.

API Integration

JMT’s application programming interface (API) establishes a framework for interoperability with other internal/external systems that can be leveraged to support access to rich data.

Retention and Recruitment

We work with you to design and implement strategies to recruit and retain customers.

Case Studies

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

JMT built Maryland DNR’s custom hunting and licensing system from the ground-up. COMPASS is currently in use at all seven of DNR’s regional service centers, 190 Sports License Agent locations throughout Maryland, and online for the general public to purchase licenses online.

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West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

JMT developed and is currently maintaining West Virginia’s Electronic Licensing and Game Checking System, Go Wild! It offers sportspersons the opportunity to purchase  hunting and fishing licenses via the internet, at DNR, or one of West Virginia’s 225 POS agents.

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Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

JMT implemented Washington's new recreational license sales system. The next-generation system provides improved user experience through role-based logins, modern technology, and high cyber security.