May 14, 2018  -  May 16, 2018

CCAP PA GIS Conference

Located in the heart of Pennsylvania, the PA GIS Conference is host to more than 250 GIS professionals from around the Commonwealth. Join us as our team presents on several topics!

More about our presentations:

Updated Plans for Modernized PA Hydrography
Eric Jespersen, JMT Technology Group
3:30 - 3:50 p.m. | Room 218
Tuesday, May 15

After four years and input from well over 100 Water Science and GIS Professionals, plans are solidifying for the modernization of our surface water base mapping. This presentation will outline current plans including: topographic data requirements, data extraction and quality control tools and techniques, data base details, and data stewardship plans. New this year is a discussion of critical paths to success, and soliciting audience ideas on promotional approaches.​

Web Point Cloud Management and Storage
David Alvarez, JMT Technology Group
9:45 - 10:05 a.m. | Room 206
Wednesday, May 16

PA is well on the way to its second set of statewide Aerial Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging). In addition, ground-based and UAS-borne Lidar data is ever more common. These collections are helping us better understand the physical world in more detail. At the same time, analyzing and managing these data can require tremendous computing resources and specialized software, both at significant cost. This is starting to change thanks to open source software, advances on web technology and cloud storage. Now we can share, download and or view a whole county lidar dataset from any computer using only a web browser and an internet connection. The presentation will include: overview of system architecture and software packages to manage different data types (Aerial, UAS and mobile), and basic analysis using web applications.

CoordinatePA: Collaboration for Utility Planning
Bob Pliszka, JMT Technology Group
Jonathan DeMoss, Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.
10:45 - 11:05 a.m. | Room 208
Wednesday May 16

JMT Technology Group implemented “CoordinatePA”, a planning and project collaboration system for The Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. (POCS). POCS continually works to prevent damage to underground utilities by providing an effective communication  network among project owners, designers, excavators, and facility owners, which includes providing access to guidelines, safety information, and FAQ’s. “CoordinatePA” is a statewide system that assists users with project coordination. Participating project scopes  and phases are displayed on a statewide map to make it easy for contributors to identify collaborative project opportunities far enough in advance to recognize cost savings and minimize disruption to the public. The system is GIS and map-centric, with key spatial information including project locations, street centerlines, administrative boundaries, moratoriums, and detailed basemaps. This presentation will cover the business and GIS aspects of CoordinatePA, as well as provide an overview of the core workflows of the  system.

Getting to Uniform Boundary Files
Mark Leitzell, PennDOT
Eric Jespersen, JMT Technology Group
10:45 - 11:05 a.m. | Room 207
Wednesday May 16

The Civic Boundary Working Group consists of GIS professionals from DOT, County GIS Pros, PSLS, and PaMAGIC, and formed in support of the GeoBoard Base Map information needs. Beyond the core group there are also members from DCED, US Census, legislative staff, and the PA State Data Canter. This presentation will describe the group’s activities and work products and plans, as well as changes to the DOT Municipal Boundary data that resulted from the working group discussions.

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