Nick DiPaolo to Speak about Next Generation 911 at Annual NC GIS Conference

Feb 17, 2021  -  Feb 19, 2022

Nick DiPaolo to Speak about Next Generation 911 at Annual NC GIS Conference

The presentation, Next Gen 911 - Mind the Gap, Identifying Missing Sub-Addresses, focuses on JMT Technology Group's solution to tricky addressing scenarios related to the next generation of 911 services. Nick's presentation offers insights based on his many years as an emergency responder - including his experience as a fire fighter in South Carolina. 

Next Generation 911 (NG911) will support modern communication methods such as text, videos, and photos - in addition to voice, to increase the efficiency of emergency service response. By utilizing layers of data to create more efficient locating, routing, dispatching and handling of 911 calls, as well as acceptance and sharing of more digital data feeds to first responders, NG911 represents a critical upgrade to public safety.

About Nick DiPaolo

Mr. DiPaolo has more than 20 years of experience working on Technology and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) projects. He has managed GIS application development and data projects and, in positions, has provided QA/QC, performed SQL administrative tasks, and conducted training seminars and workshops for both GIS and non-GIS users. Also, he is a volunteer fire fighter of over 16 years with three different departments. He has advanced emergency operations training and has aided his departments in developing GIS related applications for locating hydrants, routing emergency vehicles and preplanning.