Press Release

October, 2012

JMT Awarded Project by the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Office

JMT Technology Group was recently awarded a contract to provide research and GIS data development services to support the business goals of the District of Columbia Historic Preservation Office (HPO). To fill gaps in data coverage, JMT will conduct research, prepare matrices of comprehensive baseline data for properties in each historical district, and analyze data for classification. This will be the basis for future development of comprehensive GIS mapping capability for HPO. This is a significant initiative toward making the District the first major jurisdiction with data available for all historic street-facing buildings. Through planning, protection, and public education, HPO works as a committed steward of the District’s antique and cultural resources, maintaining the beauty of the city’s many important historic sites. A part of the Office of Planning, the HPO is the Mayor’s Agent for preservation and carries out these programs to protect the United States’ capitol’s historical landmarks.