Press Release

July, 2014

Performing Sub-meter Accurate Field Collection for SHA

Using the ArcGIS Collector App and iSXBlue III GPS Receivers

JMT Technology Group is working with Maryland State Highway Administration’s (SHA) Office of Highway Development (OHD) to locate and map bicycle pavement markings throughout the state. To facilitate this field collection effort, JMT is utilizing iPads equipped with Esri’s ArcGIS Collector App and iSXBlue III GPS receivers. The receivers are palm-sized and capable of achieving one centimeter accuracy in real-time, overriding the existing GPS chip that comes standard in an iPad. This software and hardware combination is now being used to gather highly accurate data just in time for the busy cycling season.

In addition to capturing the location of bicycle/arrow and sharrow pavement markings, JMT is collecting detailed information about the markings and is taking photographs of each location to assist OHD in evaluating the compliance of the bicycle facilities with SHA’s design guidelines. This information is made available to SHA staff during collection via ArcGIS Online, which offers an intuitive way to share maps instantly and graphically with the agency. Esri’s ArcGIS Online is a product that provides productivity apps, graphic maps, data analytics, and easily shareable data.

“Using existing GPS technology in a new, re-packaged way with mobile devices can achieve location accuracy under one meter which opens up new possibilities for field data collection. With many cyclists ready to enjoy what Maryland has to offer along the state’s picturesque roadways this summer, we’re glad to assist in making this enjoyable pastime safer for everyone,” said Niki Miller, project manager with the JMT Technology Group. SHA is using this information to determine if the bicycle facilities comply with its design guidelines to make Maryland a safer place for cyclists, and they are striving to reach their goal of increasing safe miles of bicycle facilities in the state by 2% each year. JMT is proud to be a part of this initiative that supports Cycle Maryland, a statewide program promoting cycling as a healthy transportation alternative and garnering bicycle network development support in Maryland.