Press Release

December, 2014

RideDC Offers Real-Time View of DC’s Transportation Options

One of JMT's projects for the District Department of Transportation, RideDC, has been featured on several online news and blog sites including, The Washington Post, and DCInno. See below for a few clippings:

RideDC Offers Real-Time View of DC’s Various Transportation Options

As seen on:

"The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) now offers a digital mapping tool that shows the different real-time transportation options that are available at specific locations in the District. RideDC is a free, web-based tool that allows users to easily create their own “custom” dashboard to display a dynamic map of real-time transit options that are available at a given location..." Read the full article.



Signs of the times: RideDC and Transit Screen’s SmartWalk

As seen on: The Washington Post

"Most people have websites they visit to waste time at work. My new obsession is all about saving it: RideDC. The week-old tool from the District’s Department of Transportation lets folks input their address and create a dashboard showing real-time info on nearby buses, trains, Capital Bikeshare stations and car sharing..." Read the full article.



Map Fix: How to Make Your Own Customized DC Transportation Dashboard

As seen on: DCInno

"Metro stations and bus stops aren't the only places that can benefit from dashboards with live schedule updates. Just look at TransitScreen, which has found a market with D.C.-area residential buildings, offices and universities..." Read the full article.