Press Release

June, 2015

JMT Technology Group Earns ArcGIS Online Specialty Designation!

JMT Technology Group (JMT) is pleased to bring you this announcement – we have qualified for Esri’s new ArcGIS Online Specialty Designation! This special designation is reserved for Esri partners who have developed a proven set of value-added services and solutions that help users implement and optimize ArcGIS Online in their organizations. 

With this specialty, we will continue to help our users leverage ArcGIS Online and implement it in a way that will advance their businesses and simplify their workflows. 

“As a long-standing Esri partner, our team is excited about the opportunity to assist organizations with effective utilization of the ArcGIS Online platform,” says Regional Director, Bob Pliszka, PMP, GISP. “Our focus will be on extending the use of the platform within our client organizations while maintaining an intuitive and meaningful interaction with the maps and apps.”

JMT achieved this specialty designation in part by providing ArcGIS Online solution projects for state and local government clients including: