Press Release

October, 2016

Capital Bikeshare Arrives in Fairfax, VA, Locations

October 21, 2016 (Sparks, MD):  Capital Bikeshare, the program behind the iconic red community bicycles in Washington, DC, celebrated its new Fairfax County, Virginia locations today. The Capital Bikeshare’s Tysons Corner and Reston locations are joining the fleet of stations throughout DC, Montgomery County, MD, Arlington, and Alexandria, Virginia.

Capital Bikeshare’s sponsor organization, goDCgo, needed assistance in efficiently updating map panels that allow the public to view stations in their area as well as Bikeshare Program Managers to assess bicycle servicing and distribution. JMT Technology Group developed the Capital Bikeshare Panel Maps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support goDCgo improve the process involved in collecting, maintaining, and updating base data and available bicycle asset information from authoritative sources throughout the region. The most recent Panel Maps and bicycle facility data are on display at every Bikeshare kiosk.

We are proud to be involved in the Bikeshare Program’s expansion into new regions, as we continue to support the growing needs of the region.