Press Release

February, 2017

JMT to Work with Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc.

JMT to Work with Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc., to Develop and Implement “CoordinatePA” System

February 2, 2017 (Hunt Valley, MD): The Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. (POCS) awarded the JMT Technology Group a contract to develop and implement a new underground utility information system known as “CoordinatePA”. The Pennsylvania One Call System continually works to prevent damage to underground utilities by providing an effective communication network among project owners, designers, excavators, facility owners, emergency responders and homeowners. This includes providing access to guidelines, safety information, and FAQ’s. The current system is comprised of multiple applications, such as the Web Ticket Entry system, the Drawing Exchange Portal, Member Mapping, and KARL (Kathy Automated Response to Requests). As a result, the applications are somewhat independent and do not include tools and functionality to facilitate collaboration and effective information sharing among facility owners. The new “CoordinatePA” system will provide for improved collaboration, a complete picture of planning and construction activity, and will serve as a one-stop shop for facility project owners. The system will be web-based, designed to work with standard web browsers, and viewable on mobile devices.