Maryland Department of Natural Resources

COMPASS ScreenshotJMT Technology Group is responsible for the planning, design, development and maintenance of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ (DNR) COMPASS licensing and registration system. The new online system is used for purchasing hunting and fishing licenses, boat registrations, off-road vehicle trail reservations and harvest reporting capabilities.

COMPASS is currently in use at all seven of DNR’s regional service centers, 190 Sports License Agent locations throughout Maryland, and online for the general public to purchase licenses.





Features and Components:
  • Hunting and Fishing Licensing
  • Off-Road Vehicle Registrations
  • Trail Reservations
  • User-Reported Harvest Records
  • Limited Permits and Lotteries
  • Boating Registrations & Titling
  • Hunter Safety Education Integration
  • Customer Information Database
  • Customizable Product Catalog
  • Telephone Sales
  • Communications Interface
  • On-Site DNR Training
  • Tier 2 and 3 Help Desk
  • Operations and Maintenance