Mapping the DC Metrorail Facilities

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Facility Mapping Geodatabase

JMT Technology Group provided mapping of facilities for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). WMATA controls the Metrorail and Metrobus services throughout the DC Metro region, serving a population of 3.4 million within a 1,500 square mile jurisdiction.

JMT populated WMATA's facility geodatabase for each of the Metro's 86 rail stations. The process involved converting CADD files to GIS and georeferencing as-built drawings. Specific services included:

In cooperation with WMATA, JMT has populated all of the WMATA Station and Facilities Database (WSFD). The WSFD is a custom facilities/campus datamodel developed by WMATA staff. The WSFD is designed to support WMATA’s above-ground and underground as well as public and private spaces within Metro stations and associated parking facilities. The initial effort is to capture the gross space identified in key primary areas including the Metro platform, mezzanine, passage-ways (walking corridors), service rooms, parking garages, parking lots, roadways, and other related connected spaces.

Integrating existing engineering drawings, as builts and related content with digitized GIS features allows WMATA the opportunity to better allocate and manage their facilities.