Go Wild!

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

JMT Technology Group implemented West Virginia’s Electronic Licensing and Game Checking System (ELS) solution offering sportspersons the opportunity to purchase annual and lifetime hunting and fishing licenses via the internet, at DNR, or via one of West Virginia’s more than 225 point of sale agents. The ELS includes a robust Quota Hunt and Lottery capability and successful hunters have the ability to check their game at an agent location, over the internet, or by telephone via an Interactive Voice Response system.

JMT performed legacy data migration and cleansing, system development and implementation, hardware and software deployment, and specialized training to the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and its agents.


Features and Components:
  • Hunting and Fishing Licensing
  • User-Reported Harvest Records
  • Limited Permits and Lotteries
  • Customizable Product Catalog
  • Communications Interface
  • Reporting and Decision Support Services
    On-Site DNR and Agent Training
  • Telephone Sales
  • Hardware/Software Deployment & Fulfillment
  • Tier 1, 2 and 3 Help Desk
  • Operations and Maintenance