Guide Rail Inventory

Burlington County, NJ

Improving Safety for Drivers

In order to improve safety for drivers in Burlington County, NJ, an asset management solution and prioritization system was needed to help assess the guide rails identified to be non-compliant with FHWA and County standards. JMT Technology Group was selected as part of a team of consultants to develop a system to facilitate the proactive management and maintenance of those guide rails throughout the County.

JMT was directly responsible for the design, development, and deployment of the data collection application which provides the means for field teams to collect critical inspection information of the guide rails located within the County. The application allowed users to record guide rail attributes, identify locations where guide rails are warranted, and associate digital photos with each guide rail segment. The information collected is used to determine the condition of the guide rails and for the generation of reports relating to management priority.

The application was built using ArcGIS development tools and can be deployed as an ArcEngine runtime or ArcGIS Desktop application.