OnBase Support

City of York, PA

JMT Technology Group led the City of York, PA’s, efforts to design, develop, and implement an improved system for processing and managing building permits and inspections by the City's Bureau of Permits, Planning, and Zoning (PP&Z). The solution was built on a foundation of an OnBase Enterprise Content Management solution that reduced costs and improved business processes. JMT aided the City of York to enhance processes by "spatially-enabling" those processes along with the databases upon which they act. This involved the utilization of spatial or geographic databases in the context of a geographic information system (GIS) integrated with the systems managing assets, content, and business processes. JMT also developed, implemented, and helped maintain an automated process for accepting, processing, and generating all of the various types of permits issued by the PP&Z office. These include construction, demolition, electrical, mechanical, and sign permits as well as others. The system relies on the document and workflow management features and functions of the ECM software to provide intuitive tools for end users resulting in a substantial increase in productivity of staff while reducing costs for the City.