WILD Licensing System

State of Washington Department of Fish and Game

JMT Technology Group implemented Washington’s new WILD Outdoor Licensing and Recreation solution that will generate over $55 million in revenue each year. The first release including hunting/fishing license sales, lottery, hunter education integration, customer and vendor communications, and business intelligence dashboards was live within six months by December 2016.

Delivering Success

JMT’s ability to successfully deliver a fully featured License and Recreation solution that met all of Washington’s expectations was a testament to its established platform, strong project management practices, and the effectiveness of its proven, structured iterative development approach. This project approach is the model for JMT’s Licensing and Recreation product deployment project, beginning with a comprehensive elicitation and analysis of the State’s unique business and functional requirements. A design phase followed this whereby all system integrations and other unique architectural elements were planned and documented. System development / customization commenced using an agile development philosophy that ensured client stakeholders were continuously engaged and then transitioned to a multiphase client acceptance period whereby the system was validated as ready for production release.

Project Scope