Enterprise Information Management

Everything you need, when you need it


A system of record for managing process-related content

Organizations that must manage a large number of physical documents, such as insurance claims, medical records, government forms, payroll, and student admissions need a more efficient way to capture, process, and access those documents. The solution lies with an enterprise information management (EIM) solution. As workflow solutions become automated and repeatable business processes are seamlessly integrated with established core applications, users have the means to access content immediately.

EIM is sometimes known by different names such as document management, document imaging, business process management, and others. We see EIM as a system of record for managing process-related content.

EIM provides organizations with the capabilities to:

Any organization with a need to discover measurable benefits to their business processes, eliminate paper and file folders, give its employees the ability to tackle high-value tasks while saving time and money is ready for EIM.

Our enterprise content management systems are built using OnBase, a Hyland Software Solution.