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Government (Market)

JMT Technology Group is committed to improving communities in the towns, cities, and states where we live or work - and nationwide. Supporting the important work of government organizations that serve the public welfare is a key way that we fulfill our commitment.

We have built our business on relationships with government agencies and recognize the challenges of working in the public sector. JMT Technology Group has the expertise to navigate those challenges, engage stakeholders, and produce innovative solutions that meet the identified needs of the end-users. JMTTG takes the time to listen to you and your stakeholders to define project requirements, meet goals and deliver time-saving, cost-effective solutions that are developed with our signature “user-first approach”. Whether you are managing assets, in need of a ticketing system for permits, coordinating utilities, or managing indoor space, JMT Technology Group can help you as we have helped other local and federal government agencies over the years.

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