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  • Traffic Management Dashboard

    City of Syracuse

    This project has won an award

    Based on a request to enhance the operational effectiveness of the City of Syracuse’s Traffic Management Center (TMC), JMT Technology Group developed a dashboard to incorporate multiple data sources into a centralized platform. A Traffic management center (TMC) is a center that allows for decision making and control for a region’s street and highway network. Decisions made by its operators affect the region’s traffic signals, intersections, roads, congestion, reliability, as well as incident response during special events, emergencies, and crashes.

  • Guaranteed Pavement Information System

    Philadelphia Streets Department

    This project has won an award

    The Philadelphia Streets Department (the Department) is responsible for managing, maintaining, and regulating the City’s vast network of streets, roadways, and associated public right-of-way. Similar to most major cities, Philadelphia’s public right-of-way is home to a multitude of underground infrastructure such as water, wastewater, electric, and communications utilities. JMTTG replaced the legacy system with a modern, scalable solution that provides the flexibility, scalability, and interoperability needed to meet both current requirements and future phases. The new system is web-based and provides role-based access to the capabilities and content, including features such as project creation, utility clearance notification, and reporting. In addition, an advanced web-based GIS mapping component provides users the ability to perform tasks such as identifying project locations, searching for existing projects, as well as providing tools for conflict identification and management.

  • Vision Zero Dashboard

    Anne Arundel County

    This project has won an award

    In support of Anne Arundel County’s strategic highway safety program and Vision Zero goal of zero deaths by 2040, JMT assisted the County to conduct a comprehensive review of crash data, crash analysis procedures, strategic plans and guidelines, and recommendations.

  • Custom Driving Simulation


    JMT Technology Group developed a themed driving simulation for use at a transportation conference. The simulation allowed the user to virtually drive a themed character through a digital twin reality mesh of Baltimore City while collecting coins to achieve the goal of the game. The fastest times are displayed on a leaderboard to encourage booth visitation and increase engagement. 

  • Rappahannock AR Bridge Experience


    JMT Technology Group developed an AR experience that was coupled with a 3D-printed bridge for the Rappahannock Bridge construction project. The printed model displays the key construction aspects of the bridge while the AR experience, through the use of an iPad, allows the viewer to interact with content as it pertains to specific areas of the bridge, see a simulation of traffic on the bridge, and view videos and other public outreach content about the project.

  • SmartCampus - Berea College

    Berea College

    Berea College hired JMT (formerly Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers), to survey most of their utilities and primary building corners to compile the data into a GIS deliverable. As a result, roughly 7000 points were surveyed, and internal and external data resources were compiled to complete a dynamic tool for centralized data, asset management, future planning, and decision-making.

  • GIS-Based Predictive Wetlands/Waters and Mitigation Modeling Tool

    Texas Department of Transportation

    JMT is developing a GIS-based Predictive Wetlands/Waters and Mitigation Modeling Tool for use in future transportation projects. These tools use ArcGIS Pro, ArcHydro, and other geoprocessing tools to predict the amount and type of potentially jurisdictional wetlands and waters existing along transportation corridors where project impacts may occur.

  • Guiderail Asset Management Platform

    New Jersey Department of Transportation

    JMT Technology Group worked with the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to develop a comprehensive technology-based approach to inventorying and prioritizing guiderail assets within the department’s current jurisdiction. The approach was designed to support prioritization of guiderail upgrades and to support the NJDOT Statewide Guiderail Improvement Program. The resulting data was used to develop and prioritize guiderail replacement and maintenance projects.

  • Water Wells Database Application

    Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey

    The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) collects water well-drilling information and sealing reports from drillers across the state and has maintained the data through a paper submission input process with an Oracle database. ODNR worked with JMT Technology Group to move this data to a new MS SQL server database schema and build a web interface that allows drillers to submit drilling logs and sealing reports online and provides a modern, user-friendly map interface for searching.

  • Virtual Spaces - State College Connector Virtual Meeting

    Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

    JMT Technology Group created a virtual meeting room that allowed the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to host a virtual public meeting where the environmental, engineering and traffic data related to the proposed improvements to the State College Connector could be publicly displayed.

  • Next Generation 911 Solution - Montgomery County, PA

    Montgomery County, PA

    Montgomery County, PA selected JMT as its partner to establish the County’s first National Emergency Number Association (NENA) compliant address point dataset to support Next Generation 911 (NG911) dispatch. NG911 supports modern communication methods such as text, videos, and photos in addition to voice.

  • Utility Coordination Solution - Coordinate PA

    PA One Call System, Inc.

    The Pennsylvania One Call System, Inc. (POCS) works to prevent damage to underground utilities by providing an effective communication tool for use by project owners, designers, excavators, and facility owners. To accomplish this goal, POCS identified the need for a GIS-based software application to facilitate coordination and information sharing. JMT Technology Group developed the Coordinate PA application to identify overlapping geographic areas to identify collaboration opportunities.

  • Next Generation 911 Solution - Carter County, KY

    Carter County, KY 911 Office

    The Carter County, KY 911 office serves a large county in northeastern Kentucky with a population of 25,000. With many of its residents living outside city limits in rural areas, there was a challenge with accurate 911 mapping throughout its service area with moving into the next generation 911 standard. Carter County 911 and JMT (formerly Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers) worked together to bring county data up to next-generation 911 standard.

  • Relationally Integrated Computer System

    Ohio Department of Natural Resources

    The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Oil & Gas Resource Management has asked JMT Technology Group to build a web-based system for them to track activities, allow customers to request permits, and provide information to the public about Oil & Gas activities in the state of Ohio.

  • AIRPortal Program Management and Support

    MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration

    JMT Technology Group provides GIS and document management services to MDOT MAA for Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall and Martin State Airports. Content is available to authorized MAA employees and consultants through a web-based application named AIRPortal. JMTTG continues to provide these services to ensure AIRPortal content is comprehensive, current, and accurate. JMTTG supports the AIRPortal users and continues to enhance the MAA business processes so that AIRPortal is seen as the “trusted source” for MAA engineering content documentation.

  • Connected and Automated Vehicles 101

    Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration

    In support of MDOT SHA's communication and outreach efforts regarding Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), JMT Technology Group produced an interactive training application on CAV fundamentals (CAV 101) designed for staff to take as an introduction to CAVs and learn about MDOT SHA's role related to this technology.

  • Highway Network Data Application

    Ohio Department of Transportation

    The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) requested an application to replace outdated methods of pavement condition data processing with interactive, automated data processing that streamlines workflows. JMT Technology Group developed ODOT’s Highway Network Data Application (HNDA) to import pavement condition data from Pathway Services’ PathView software and interactively process the data using a series of incremental data validation and logical consistency tests.

  • Elkton Road Improvements Website

    Delaware Department of Transportation

    The DelDOT Elkton Road improvements project is a long-term effort to improve pavement conditions, make safety improvements, and add bike lanes in a heavily populated area of Delaware to the Maryland state line. To effectively communicate planned enhancements and detour information, as well as engage the public in the project efforts, JMT created and maintains the elktonroadimprovements.com website.

  • RFP Document Development for BWI Marshall Website

    Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Aviation Administration

    JMT Technology Group provided user experience design and subject matter expertise in collecting requirements and establishing a statement of work for the re-design of the BWIAirport.com website. Standards for the IT solution design and optimal IT solution configuration were established to effectively secure the proposed website solution and allow BWI staff to expand the system architecture to meet future needs. 

  • Google and Apple Wayfinding Data Delivery and Updates

    MDOT Maryland Aviation Administration

    In support of its goal to provide exceptional customer service, MDOT MAA requested JMT Technology Group's assistance to deliver accurate and up-to-date indoor space management data to Google and Apple for use in their online mapping and wayfinding applications. Airport customers rely on these applications to find facilities and services in the terminal including restrooms, elevators, restaurants, and shops.

  • MDOT MAA Asset Management Initiative

    Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Aviation Administration

    JMT Technology Group assisted MDOT MAA by providing the expertise necessary to strategically align their current data and document management initiatives with formalized asset management policies to establish a complete and integrated system for managing the asset life cycle.