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JMT Technology Group is so proud to have once again participated with the students from Building STEPS!

Building Steps is a Baltimore non-profit with a mission to equip Baltimore's brightest students with the tools to propel them to college and career success in the fields of science and technology. Launched in Baltimore in 2000, and partnering with Baltimore's more challenged, under-resourced public high schools, Building STEPS unlocks potential and propels high-achieving, highly motivated students to college and career success in STEM and healthcare.

This year JMT Technology Group team challenged the students to learn block coding to create a program for an automated vehicle to run a course. The students had to use the iterative process to develop their program and then optimize their program to have the fastest time. To tie into real-world concepts, the team taught the students about the different levels of automation used in vehicles and the differences between connected and automated vehicles. 

JMT Technology Group has participated in this program for multiple years and the students consistently surprise the team with their ability to quickly pick up these highly technical concepts and complete the challenge. The future for technology professionals certainly seems bright!

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