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Connected and Automated Vehicle STEM Learning

Can a group of middle school children build a connected and automated vehicle? They can when they are participating in AASHTO’s TRAC & RIDES program!

JMT Technology Group and MDOT SHA recently worked together to create a connected and automated vehicles (CAV) lesson plan that is available for teachers nationwide through TRAC & RIDES. The lesson plan provides a hands-on activity that introduces students to the working world of civil engineering.

This new CAV lesson plan enhances TRAC & RIDES’ STEM offerings which includes bridge design, highway safety, creation of a magnetic-levitation train, city planning and exploration of environmental issues that impact transportation.

In addition to providing a tool for teachers to improve math and science instruction in middle and secondary schools, TRAC improves workforce diversity which helps to resolve one of the most pressing problems faced by transportation today: a critical shortage of civil engineers.

JMT Technology Group is so proud to be giving back and helping to shape the workforce of the future!

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